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8314 Buckley Hall Rd. RD
Hudgins, VA 23076
804 725-2399(store) 804 725-3702(MHS)


Transition is the process students and their families use to think about life after high school, to identify their desired outcomes, and to plan their community and school experiences to assure that the students acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals. The Thrifty Spot is doing just that. This venture evolved through the efforts of our Special Education Department and headed by Mathews High School Special Ed Department Head Cathy Walker.

Together with the help of Mathews High School Building Trades students, teachers, community outreach, by way of donations, and the hard work and enthusiasm of our students of special education and staff, the Thrifty Spot is open four days a week (Tuesday - Friday) 9:30 am - 2:30 pm throughout the school year. Closed Mondays!

Donations are always welcome. Please contact Mathews High School at (804) 725-3702 for more information

The Mathews County Public School division seeks to identify, locate and evaluate those children residing within the county up to the age of 22 who are in need of special education and related services.

Louise LeBron, Director of Special Education/Federal Programs
Cathy Walker, Special Ed Teacher

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